Javascript Sample Viewer - Massive issues with 3.0api

Discussion created by jeff.pace on Jun 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2012 by maxwellr
Yes I know its not supported (which is why I am posting in the forums and not calling support). 

We are commited to the Javascript Sample Viewer, which we have massively customized.  Everything works fine and dandy in 2.8

3.0 (specifically upgrading dojo) destroys it.  I am an in process of trying to repair it / upgrade it, but it seems like changes have to be made everywhere.

SO far:
1. Adding dojo ready to all the widgets
2. IE just doesnt work.  seems like the events link configloadedevent are never published. 
3. Chrome struggles.  So far only firefox works.

Just wanted to open a discussion in case anyone else is working on the same thing and has any insight.