'Find Results DataGrid' problem with navigation toolbar

Discussion created by dknigge on Jun 26, 2012
Starting with the example 'Show Find Task results in DataGrid' in the JavaScript API sample ( which works great, I proceeded by adding the Identify, Legend, and Navigation Toolbar samples. Everything works well with the exception of the navigation tools. Clicking on a grid record zooms to the location but if I then use the mouse wheel or zoom buttons the selected record graphic stays outlined but the other data layers disappear.  Clicking on a different datagrid record will then zoom to that location without a problem but if I again attempt to use any zoom or pan tools the graphic outline stays but the other layers disappear from view.
The other problem I have is using the 'Identify function' after I have zoomed to a datagrid record location. If  I click the "zoomed to" target the Identify window successfully brings up information about another layer. This is all great but when I click the next datagrid record it will not zoom at all. If I try and use the mouse wheel or toolbar zoom the layers disappear.
I'm thinking that perhaps I need to "refresh" the "on click", "onRowClick" and map???

I would be sincerely thankful to anyone pointing me in the right direction,