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Using AGSJS TOC with ArcGIS Javascript 3.0

Question asked by mkoneya on Jun 21, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2012 by khmelevskiy
I have been using the Table of Contents widget from  with ArcGIS Javasript API 2.8 but wanted to update my API to 3.0 and have not had luck doing so.

I am not clear on how to migrate to 3.0 even after reading the documention.    I did update my dojoconfig to use the "packages" property.

dojoConfig = {
        parseOnLoad: true,
        packages: [{
          name: "agsjs",
          location: ""

However, when using dojo.require("agsjs.dijit.TOC");  the table of contents does not load and the rest of my page does not load either.

Has anyone been able to use this Table of Contents widget with 3.0?    If so,  can you provide instructions on how you got it to work?