Spatial Select Data That is Not In Map Service

Discussion created by chuckf74 on Jun 21, 2012
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Hi All,

I am going to be working with point data that is sensitive and cannot be in a published map service, not even with tokens.  I want to do a spatial selection on the points to select the points within a polygon and return attribute information only.  First, is it possible to do a spatial selection against data that is not published as a map service?  I could choose to store the data in any of these formats that might work -(feature class, could be in file gdb, sde, layer in mxd, or even flat sql table).  Second, is there any example of this? 

I looked at this tutorial (  and at #2 "Geoprocessing Service with Source Map Document" it seems to indicate that a geoprocessing service can access datasets on a disk.

My fallback idea is to run a straight sql query on the data and loop through each coordinate to check if it's inside or outside a polygon, but that will only be if I can't find a better way.