Zoom to feature, label vertices and display and label line segments and arcs

Discussion created by DanDanAus on Jun 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2012 by jimcousins
Dear all,

I have an interesting requirement where by i am trying to get a polygon feature that can contain arcs. This is in a feature class.

I noticed that arcpy.mapping will let me generate a pdf which is a good start.

One of the things i am trying to do is to label the vertices and also the line segments and arcs and then show the coordinates in a table.

What i have so far is this:

1. I can use Split Line at vertices to get line segments
2. I can use Feature to point to get the vertices

Now i am trying to undertand how i can zoom to this polygon and label both the vertices and the lines. Any advice?

Then the next step is to generate a table listing this vertices.

I can iterate through the geometry but i am not sure if i can generate a table to add to the pdf? Any examples i can learn from?

Any examples i can learn from would be great.

Thank you kindly all for your help.