Draw Text Programmatically On ArcGlobe

Discussion created by roth.stefan.ensco on Jun 1, 2012
When implementing a custom globe layer, during the DrawImmediate callback the ArcObjects API can be leveraged using the IGlobeDisplay3 DirectOpenGLDraw property, the SetSymbolXXX , perform DrawXXX, then reset the DirectOpenGLDraw prop.  This works for point and polygon geomentry, but I have not been able to figure out how to use the IDisplay.DrawText command property.  I have created and set an ITextSymbol, then called DrawText, and can see the text, but it's massive and drawn through the center of the Globe (please see image).  I have tried tweaking numerous  settings, but have not been able to actually "place" the text on the globe in a relevant location.

Thanks for you consideration.