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Select by Attribute then Calculate field based on selection

Question asked by snowgirl62 on May 31, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2012 by snowgirl62

I'm attempting to rebuild a VBA macro that I have using Model Builder but ran into a stumbling block. 

I have a dateset that I need to calculate the next inspection date for each feature, but that inspection date will vary based on what type of feature it is.  Feature type "1" is inspected again in 365 days, feature type "2" is inspected in 180 days, and feature type "3" is inspected in 120 days.  Ideally I simply select the features that match a type, calculate the next inspection date, then run the process again for types 2 and 3 all within the same shapefile.  I'd prefer not to select the features and export each type into a new table (thus resulting in 3 new tables when they need to all be in the same table). 

Any ideas on how I can accomplish this in Model Builder?