ArcGISLocalTiledLayer not displaying

Discussion created by adam.goodfellow on May 21, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2012 by kuiperfoliage
Hi All

I'm just starting to look at ArcGIS Runtime for WPF and have run into a problem. I have a very basic application that contains a map with a ArcGISLocalTiledLayer layer. I can see the map on the Design tab in Visual Studio but when I debug the map is not displayed. Also I thought it was a licensing issue but when I uncomment this comment
// Set the ArcGIS Runtime license by providing the license string.
//ArcGISRuntime.SetLicense("Place the License String in here");

I get an error 'The type or namespace 'SetLicense' does not exisit....

Can anyone help me please?