Zoom Dependent on If Point is Within Frame

Discussion created by jmadero on May 16, 2012
Latest reply on May 17, 2012 by clockwise
Hi All,

At the last stages of this script I'm writing and this is just one of those "would be nice to have" options.

Situation is that I have two polygons that "usually" contain a point when you zoom to them. In some cases if you zoom to the two polygons the point is outside of the frame (ie. off the map) and I need to zoom out a bit to show the two polygons and the point. I'm looking for some kind of check to say "if polygon is not on map, zoom out to the best zoom to include both polygons and point, else, zoom to two polygons"

Is this possible without getting too tricky? If it's not, really not a big deal but there are maybe 5 maps out of 250+ that will have to be reprinted if I can't include this check. Thanks in advance