Problem refreshing FeatureLayer on android device after changes made in REST server

Discussion created by wampie on May 16, 2012
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I have problem with refreshing FeatureLayers on my android application (uses 2 base maps as TiledMap and 3 FeatureLayers) I can load the FeatureLayers without problem, but if there are changes made on the server (ie. adding or removing features from layers). Zooming, moving or other wont help either

Only way to update the featurelayers is to remove all the featurelayers from the MapView and add them again from the server. This is way too slow for my application.

Code that i would like to get working:
 for (ArcGISFeatureLayer l : targetlayers) {

I have tried to work with MODE.ONDEMAND and MODE.SNAPSHOT, neither of them seem to bring solution.