Creating a report

Discussion created by vasilij05 on May 13, 2012
Hello to everyone, I'm totaly new in ArcGIS so I would appreciate to take it easy on me! :)
Ok... Here is the problem! I managed to download DEM and Corine LandUse cover, and I have created polygon with all data I needed. Now, in attribute table I have ELEVATION column (with 100,200, etc. values; 100 means that polygon is betwen 0-100m), and CODE06 column (with landuse codes)... The question is how to create report which will show me what is the total area of, for example '112' (landuse code for discontinuous urban fabric) for ELEVATION value 100, 200...
Or to try to simplify, I need total area of certain types of landuse on every 100m?!

Thanks in advance...