for-loop doesn't work with parameters

Discussion created by forstie on May 9, 2012
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Hi folks,

I hope I can describe my problem in english, it's hard enough for me in german...

I wrote a Python-script which runs different tools for each row of the attribute-table of an layer by using a SearchCursor and a "for row in rows"-loop.

This worked great so far.

Then I rewrote the script, so that not only I can use it (with my set layers), but anyone else too. Therefore I set parameters for the script in the toolbox, so that anyone who wants to use the script can do this with his own layers.

Now here is the problem:

It works great, but only for the first row. The for-loop doesn't work anymore, it runs the different tools only one time and is finished after that.

Can you please tell me, how i can set the properties of the script, so it can run the for-loop, if I use the parameters?

I searched for long in the online-help, but I found nothing that could help me.

Please excuse my bad spilling, if i wrote a bit strange.

Thank you and greetings,