points to line

Discussion created by adamsk10 on May 8, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2015 by ncelik
Okay, so I'm trying to use the points to line tool. I've used it before and it has worked fine. But for some reason now whenever I use the tool it will do its thing at the bottom of the screen and act like it's going to give me something. And it does, kind of. When the tool finishes running a new layer will pop up on the left side, i.e., January_1998_points_to_lines. And this is fine, and it will have whatever symbol it was randomly assigned under it. This is what happens when things go right, except for the fact that no lines pop up on the map when the layer does. It is just the layer, and after the layer pops up, if I try to click anything at all the program will not respond and I have to shut it down. This is really getting frustrating. I'm very new to this stuff so it could be a simple fix, but I have no idea. If anyone could help I would really appreciate it!