Dynamic Items for Python Add In Wizard Combo Box

Discussion created by lmbw on May 3, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2012 by nahmed-esristaff
Hi there,

I am pretty new to python, and I'm sure I am getting a little ahead of myself by attempting to put a combo box script together, but here is my question:

I'm attempting to use the Python Add In Wizard in 10.1 to create a combo box, and I'd like to add a list of dynamic items to the dropdown.

So, I understand I'm supposed to delete the self.item = ["item1", "item2"] under def __init__(self):

but my question is this: which function would I set my dynamic item script to.  (According to the properties of the Combo Box class, I cannot place it under def __init__(self):....

The Python Add In Wizard creates it's own script which you are supposed to edit, so the other functions it provides are:

onSelChange(self, selection)
onEditChange(self, text)
onFocus(self, focused)

Not sure if this makes much sense, but if it DOES make sense, then any help would be appreciated!