Need a script to subdivide a polygon

Discussion created by lampe.phil on May 2, 2012
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I am mapping oil and gas exploration prospects in the western part of the US (CO, WY, and NM). As some of you already know, when working in that part of the country you will encounter parcels (or tracts) that are frequently divided evenly into quarters from original ~640 acre land sections into many sub parcels.  For the purposes of this discussion, assume that the parcels are always 4-sided, and have all right angles.

Work flow is currently as follows:

A - Create new polygon in existing feature class.
B - Then manually subdivide them (using various methods) to desired number of subdivided land tracts.
C - Run CALCULATE GEOMETRY tool to generate acreages for newly created subdivided land tracts.

If I had a script to run - where the work flow would be different is ONCE the polygon is created (step A above) the script could be then called and perform the following steps:

1- Ask user to select ONE polygon.

2 - Ask the user how many quarters are desired (is always an even number) between 2 and 64, in steps the power of 2, e.g. 2, 4, 16, 32, and 64.

3 - It would be really nice if AFTER the subdivision operation is completed to have the script calculate the new acreage for the resultant tracts. I have a field in my feature class that I use to house the calculated acreages, as mentioned above (in step C). This is not an essential component, but would be highly desirable to have.

So, to recap:

1 - Draw polygon (also seen above as step "A")
2 - Select polygon
3 - Select number of times to subdivide polygon
4 - Calculate acreage

I am comfortable with copying VBA and pasting into the VBA editor.  I have a limited amount of knowledge on using Model Builder, but if given adequate instructions, can also go that route. Prefer VBA because I can assign it to a single icon in my toolbar.  If there is a way to do the same thing after creating a routine in Model Builder then I am also interested in pursuing that as an option.

My polygon feature classes are stored in a FileGeodatabase as either State Plane (feet) or UTM (meters) coordinate system. Don't know if that is relevant or not.

Currently on ArcGIS 9.3.1 (license level ArcView) but will be moving to 10 (ArcInfo) by the end of June, hopefully.

If you have any questions or if I have left any information out that needs to be added, please let me know.

Thanks in advance,
Phil in Ocean Springs, MS