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Hyperlinks and Field Calculator

Question asked by derklauer on May 1, 2012
Latest reply on May 2, 2012 by derklauer
I am using the field calculator to automatically populate a column of hyperlinks to pdf documents.  I have a folder with pdfs that are named the same as an existing field in my shape file.  Over 90% of my hyperlinks work but some do not for one of two reasons.....  There is not a pdf for that attribute or the pdf naming convention does not match the field name.  Is there a way to determine which hyperlinks are not working? I currently am clicking on each polygon using info to verify that the link is live.  If the link is dead I delete the link if I do not have a pdf or modify the link to point at the correct PDF.  Is there another way to automatically tell me which links are dead or possible an entirely different way to do this?

I am using Arc info 9.3
My field Calculator statement is (This work fine): "N:\Reports\" & [Asbestos] & "AESC.pdf"

Thank you.