I cannot display queries in workflow manager

Discussion created by rmoreno-telematica-com-pe-esridist on Apr 30, 2012
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Hi All,
I created a job in workflow manager WM and I can see the ID, Name and all other attributes of my job. However when I want to see the query "all jobs" I get the following message:
This query is invalid. Verify your query definition or your query syntax (if using the SQL View) against your underlying database.
I thought that the predefined WM query "All Jobs" was wrong, so I created my own query in workflow manager administrator WMA to display all jobs. Next I came back to WM and try to see my query but I did not have success.
The same happens with the reports, it means that the reports did not show anything as if I had not created any job.
Then I search my job using "find jobs" button and put the job ID and I could see the job that has been created previosly.

I hope that someone can help me. Thans in advance.