Wierd behavior when using setExtent method

Discussion created by wudgcd on Apr 25, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2012 by DSwingley-esristaff
I'm using the 2.8 compact library and finding some wierd behavior when testing on IE9 and sometime Safari on the iOS.    I'm using setExtent to set the extent when the map initially appears.   I also have a Full Extent button that achieves this same purpose.   If I set the extext (using setExtent) to show the whole city it set the extent correctly, but then the Shift Key/mouse drag used to zoom no longer works.   In addition the scroll wheel seems to zoom out instead of zoom in (its like the responses are reversed temporarily) and the map shifts up after doing the zoom in or out using the wheel (rather than zooming out from the point my mouse point is located).   It only does this the first I try these operations after do the setting the extent to the city wide view.    This strange behavior happens no matter whether I set the extent from the intial map load or click my full extent button.   When I change the extent to a particular area of the map (not city wide) when the map starts up and in my full extent button, everything works fine.   Its just at full extent the Shift Key/Mouse drag and scroll wheel operations stop working right.   I'm consuming these same service in my Silverlight map and never see any of this behavior.    I'm thinking this is a Javascript bug or somehow an extent on a Dataframe (or layer) is overriding the Javascript setExtent method.   Different layers display on my map based on extent (as defined in the MXD/MSD - we are using Server 10 with SDE 9.3.1) maybe one of the layers that only displays at the city wide extent is overriding the extent somehow?    Help.