Raster Calculator - add in line variable

Discussion created by jamie.finney on Apr 25, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2013 by curtvprice
got my self in a muddle while trying to automate a tool that works for a single point. now trying to automate for many points.

%ID% - the point number i'm using (these range from 1-70)
%max% - a number

in the raster calculator i am making dtm values less than %max% into null values using the following

SetNull("%dtm_1%" < %min%,"%dtm_1%")

This worked for my example when i used dtm_1, however i now want to run this for dtm_1, dtm_2, dtm_3... using dtm_%ID%

if i try SetNull("%dtm_%ID%%" < %min%,"%dtm_%ID%%") i get an error message

Start Time: Wed Apr 25 13:07:51 2012
SetNull("%dtm_%ID%%" < 69.555,"%dtm_%ID%%")
ERROR 000539: Error running expression: rcexec() <type 'exceptions.RuntimeError'>: ERROR 000732: Input Raster: Dataset %dtm_%ID%% does not exist or is not supported
Failed to execute (Raster Calculator).
Failed at Wed Apr 25 13:07:52 2012 (Elapsed Time: 1.00 seconds)

how do i get this to work properly?

thanks in advance