Selected Point onClick event issue

Discussion created by kangdon on Apr 19, 2012
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I have a query setup to search for point features.
Which works without any problems.
Selected points are then added to a graphicslayer.

After points are all added to the graphicslayer, I would like to have users to click on selected features
to do something, like show infowindow or zoom to clicked feature.

My issue is I am able to click on (or select) a feature without any problems when map is zoomed into smaller area.
But when my map is zoomout to display larger area, I am having difficult time clicking on a feature.
I have to click several times before I can select it.

1. Having too many points around target point is not an issue. I rarely have other features right next to the other.
2. I do symbolize selected features with about 25px x 25px image. Would this cause issues? Image symbol being quite big confuses user where to click?
3. Can anyone think of ways to add tolerence? To onclick event??

I am sure you can add tolerence to the querytask but I don't use geometry to select my features. I use where statement to select features.