Problem with LayerVisibility in IE8

Discussion created by songissimo on Apr 11, 2012
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Good Morning,
  I'm building an application that allows the user to show or not the layers using checkboxes (I'm using a DynamicMapServiceLayer and its method setVisibleLayers([...])).
While it is working correctly in firefox, when I run it in IE8 and, for example, I click on a checkbox to enable the visualization of  a specific layer, nothing happen, it need a random event performed by the user, like a user click on the map or a scroll of the page (obviusly made by the user), to update the layer visualization.

Debugging the application I noticed that when is executed the setVisibleLayers method isn't fired the map's onUpdateStart event (in IE8) , it's fired just on a random user's event.

Anyone can help me?

Thank you very much.