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Adding Editor Widget to a Tab

Question asked by nathalieneagle on Apr 10, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2012 by nathalieneagle
I can take the editor example and get it working. I can also get it working in my existing application when I just throw it in a ContentPane (IT WORKS) - like this:

<div data-dojo-type="dijit.layout.ContentPane" id="testPane" data-dojo-props="region:'left'">
        <!--div id="panelHeader">
          Default Editor
        <div style="padding:10px;" id="editorDiv">

But when I try to add it to my custom ContentPane / TabContainer the boarder show up but my feature class symbols (template picker/icons) don't show up...Like This

<div dojotype="dijit.layout.ContentPane" id="rightPane" region="right" splitter="true">
        <div dojotype="dijit.layout.TabContainer">
          <div dojotype="dijit.layout.ContentPane" title="Legend" selected="true">
            Content for the first tab
          <div dojotype="dijit.layout.ContentPane" title="Query">
            Content for the second tab
          <div dojotype="dijit.layout.ContentPane" title="Editor" >
            <div style="padding:10px;" id="editorDiv">

What I'm I doing wrong...I think it is the code in RED.