Problem Loading the Map

Discussion created by songissimo on Apr 5, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2012 by songissimo
Hi everybody,

I'm trying to show a map inside a sliding tab pane (like this one "in place of the legend") but I'm getting the following error:

"NetworkError: 404 'size' parameter is invalid - http://*************/test/MapServer/export?dpi=96&transparent=true&format=png8&layers=show%3A7%2C4&bbox=-10.7586999999999%2C-25.953060499999935%2C69.2123030000001%2C54.01794250000008&bboxSR=4326&imageSR=4326&size=-16%2C-16&f=image"

Anyone Knows what does it mean?and what is the problem?

Thank you everybody.