Using ArcSDESQLExecute to query multiple SDE database on the same server

Discussion created by jxyu on Apr 2, 2012

I've just started to use ArcSDESQLExecute not long ago, and have only used it to run query on one sde database. I've been trying to used ArcSDESQLExecute to run query on two sde database on the same server with a simple sql statement like the followling without much success (the sql statement ran in microsoft sql server management studio without problem).

select *
from database1.schema1.table1 as a
INNER JOIN database2.schema2.table2 as b
ON a.columm1 = b.column1
where a.column2 like 'x%'

Therefore, I'm writing to see if ArcSDESQLExecute has that capability, and if so, how to go about setting it up.
I tried creating two seperate objects for each sde database, but I dont' know how to pass the SQL statement to both databases.

Thank you in advance,