Programmatically change drawing tool

Discussion created by grantscarroll on Apr 1, 2012
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Hi all

I'm creating an app that will be used exclusively with touch devices, the app will be used to edit point and line features in the field. What I would like to do is have the line feature edit tool default to the free hand tool, i'm not quite sure how to do this though. I am using a template picker so that the users can select which type of feature they are creating, can I set the drawing tool when the template is selected as below ?

 dojo.connect(templatePicker, "onSelectionChange", function () {
                var selected = templatePicker.getSelected();
                if (selected) {
                  selected.template.drawingTool = 'esri.layers.FeatureTemplate.TOOL_FRREEHAND';
                  updateTitle("Current template: " + $('#webmapTitle').html(;

Do i have the correct syntax ? As when i do this the tool is still defaulted to the normal line drawing tool.

Thanks in advance