Attribute Inspector won't save attribute changes

Discussion created by jhanderson on Mar 30, 2012
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Hello All,

I've been  having a really frustrating experience with the Attribute Inspector widget and I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I have a pretty simple application that let's the user change a few attribute values in a feature class (stored in a sql server sde geodatabase) using a feature service.  For some feature classes
everything works great and as expected. However, when I change to new different map services with different feature classes, problems arise.  Each of my map services
has a single feature class, the are built using .mxd files, and have all the same settings. In all cases the attribute inspector window launches and lets me alter attribute values.
When I close the window, then click again on the feature the new attribute value is displayed. However, when I change the extent in any way (zoom, pan, etc) and click on the
feature again, the OLD Attribute value is shown (as though the edits didn't happen).  When I check the database, the new values were not saved the to the feature class.
This problem only occurs for some feature classes/map services. For others, everything works well.

I don't think this is a code issue, as the code seems to work fine in some instances.  The only thing in the code that is altered from one map service to the next, is the url
of the map service and the field names that should be populated in the info window- nothing else.

I thought it could be an issue with the dataset, however I've done the following:
Migrated problematic feature classes from one dataset to another, with the same problematic result.  Even exported a fc out to shp and then back into sde, with same problem.
Migrated feature classes that have been successfully edited into a dataset that housed those can't be edited.  The successfull edits from dataset "a" were successful in dataset "b".
I've tried this on different sized feature classes (from a few features to thousands).  Some small fcs don't allow edits, some large ones do, and vice versa. Same thing is true for number of fields.
I've tested against different geometry types and made no headway.

I'm really stuck at this point and would be greatful for any insight.