Batch Solving Many Routes

Discussion created by shahar04 on Mar 14, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2018 by phurvitz
Hello all,

I periodically need to calculate the shortest walking distance for over 1.8 million routes (2 points per route).
With such a large amount of routes I cannot use the desktop ArcGIS - loading that many locations isn't realistic.

What would be the best practice? Creating a python script? Using ArcObjects? Something else?

I have been doing the calculations in smaller pieces (100K, more or less) in version 9.x but now, in version 10, I want to improve the process and do it in one "chunk".

I have access to a strong workstation (20 GB RAM, 24 cores). How can I utilize all the processing potential?

I have no need for hierarchy, restrictions or preserving stop order and all I want is the distance - not the actual routes layer.

Any thoughts?