Internet Explorer 7 and JS API 1.5 image problems

Discussion created by daz4805 on Mar 8, 2012

I have a website using the JS API 1.5 and I am using Mapserver to generate some WMS layers that I am loading into my map.

The problem I have is that these images seem to be converted from png to jpeg or gif when loaded into my website.

If I call the URL to generate the image using IE 7, the image is absolutly fine. Once the image is loaded on top of my base map within my website, the image changes colour and appears completely different. Firefox, Chrome and Safari are able to display these images within my website perfectly fine but not in IE 7.

Are there any compatibility issues with IE7 and JS API 1.5 with png images that I should know about as I cannot work out why or how my images are appearing different inside my mapping website?

Your help is very much appreciated.