Grade Separated Intersection Geocoding with MultiNet

Discussion created by dfurtney on Mar 5, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2012 by dfurtney
For a dispatch application, we want our users to be able to geocode "virtual" (grade separated crossing) intersections like
W 6th Ave & Bryant St, Denver, CO 80204 
With the Dynamap data format, this was working fine, but with MultiNet it is not.  The difference is that Dynamap had junctions at the grade separated crossings and MultiNet does not.  In order to geocode intersecterions, the geocoder appears to need a set of overlapping junctions to be present.   The planarize tool / API comes tantalizingly close to doing what we need, but has two serious defects.   It removes duplicate feature lines (which are used as alternate road names by the geocoder) and it fails to break address numbering based on the lengths of the planarized segments.  The road maps are in the most current MultiNet shapefile format and we currently have an ArcView 9.3.1 geoprocessing environment. I am looking for ideas on how to geoprocess the MultiNet GC layer into the form we need.   All options are open, buying it or building it.  If we build this tool, I am looking for pointers on how to do that efficiently.