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SQL Custom Step - Stored Procedure

Question asked by jeanH on Feb 29, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2012 by jeanH

I am trying to run a stored procedure, in Oracle, using the SQL custom step. I have WMX 10, Desktop. WMX is installed on the same DB as the stored procedure, I and WMX have execute rights on the procedure.

When running the step, I get the error "An error occurred while trying to execute this step. Underlying DBMS error [Ora-00900: Invalid SQL statement]"

It is not a coding error as I can successfully run the procedure from Oracle, as the WMX user. It is not a permission issue as, for testing, I gave public execution rights on the procedure.

The step is declared as:
/database:jtxsystem /sql:"execute Shema.Package.ProcedureName(param1,param2)"

I have tried, with no luck,the Data DB (same as the jtxsystem DB anyways), and with/without an ending ;

Has anyone succeeded in running a stored procedure from a custom SQl step?