Is it possible to open UNC hyperlink in ArcGIS for Android

Discussion created by LuciH on Feb 28, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2012 by GIS_Jared_Yost
I am using ArcGIS for Android and everything is working fine with my maps so far using our server's Mobile content.  Now I would like to add a feature that I use in our FlexViewer website.  In the popup in FlexViewer - I have a link to a file (it may be a TIF, GIF, or PDF) on a server that does not have IIS installed so I am using the UNC like this:   <description><![CDATA[ Document Link: <a href="\\fwb-gissql\Users\Public\Data\Documents\{Hyperlink}"<u>{Hyperlink}</u></a>]]></description>

Is it possible to do this in JSON syntax? This is the area of the JSON file where I have been attempting to place the code:

"description": null,
         "showAttachments": true,
         "mediaInfos": [{
        "caption": "{Hyperink}",
        "title": "Inlet Inspection Report",
        "type": "image",
        "value": {
          "linkURL": "\\\\fwb-gissql\\Users\\Public\\Data\\Documents\\{Hyperink}",
          "sourceURL": "http://fwb-gissrv/fwb/assets/images/i_info.png"

My folder name may say Public - but the files are only accessible via VPN or LAN.  Any ideas?  Is this possible?