Problems using tabulate area

Discussion created by forreste on Feb 24, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2012 by forreste
I'm trying to use tabulate area so I can do percent coverage of one layer (land ownership) inside of another layer (HUC12 watersheds).  When I select some classes for the land ownership, it fails and gives me the error "Error 010010: Field not found. Invalid field index obtained."  When I select other classes of land ownership, it runs successfully but outputs a table that has created a new column for every single class from the watersheds layer (BLM1, BLM2, BLM3, BLM4, BLM5...) when they should all be in the same column.

Has anyone run into this issue and have a fix?  It is doing the area correctly, but it is outputting the table in a format that is unusable and does not make sense.