Edits to SDE feature class not showing in jsapi site

Discussion created by jhanderson on Feb 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2013 by Arkitech

I have several SDE versioned feature classes that will be edited using different clients (ArcMap and a third party mobile application).  This data
is accessed throughout the organization using an AGS JSAPI site we have developed.  This site is built using dynamic map services and feature map services, but
no cached map services.  When our operational layers are edited, the changes (adds, deletes) don't appear on our AGS JSAPI site upon its intial load.  So, for example,
when the site intially renders a map, a feature that has been deleted outside the application is still visible.  However, on any extent change (zoom in/out, pan, etc) the
edited data is rendered correctly (deleted features no longer visible).  Refreshing the site in internet explorer, even many hours after the edits were written to the database has no effect (for the intial extent).  I've tried restarting the map services with no luck.  In addition, I've looked at the map service through the generic JSAPI viewer in the AGS services rest folder, with the same issue (initial extent problemtic, all other extents fine). 

If anybody has run into a similar issue and can shed some light I would be very grateful.