Detecting ArcGIS service creation/modification date and time?

Discussion created by DSMapper on Feb 22, 2012
Hello all,

Is there a way to tell via the REST API when a particular ArcGIS service was created or modified?

I'm writing a Silverlight application, and for the user's convenience I'd like to preserve their current state for them, such as extent and custom layer visibility settings - settings which might depend on the layer ID.  If I preserve the settings using the layer IDs, there's a chance that the GIS administrator might come in later and change the service, and in doing so, change the layer IDs.  Then my preserved settings are no longer valid.

To detect changes in an ArcGIS service, I'd like to be able to query the REST interface and look at a single attribute, such as "Last Modified", and compare this with a value I store in my application.  This would allow me to quickly tell if my stored settings are invalid.

Any thoughts?