edit attributes from datagrid - no map

Discussion created by jna3856 on Feb 16, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by jmk201
i've seen a few posts about editing feature attributes from within a datagrid (no map). i'm attempting to create a strictly attribute query/edit/update web page to give data managers the option to query features based on dynamically created query.where clauses which are set based on form entries/selections.

the following post give some good advice:

i understand the theory of getting data into a grid and styling it, and i think i get how the update function works using the ItemFileWriteStore.setValue(item, columnName, value) function.

however, i am missing the part how to enable the grid to be edited, that is how do i allow user to click in grid cell and accept/capture the typing event and new text? the data grids i've see thus far are clickable with events to zoom, but can't enter new text into a cell... that's the part i need help with.

thanks for any comments or resource suggestions.