Tool to display Lat/Long of vertice

Discussion created by Snow469 on Feb 6, 2012
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We are in the process of moving our County Section Maps from Coverage to GDB. Years ago, when my coworkers were creating these maps in WorkStation, my boss wrote an AML to identify the latitude/longitude of a given node. The nodes did not have a lat/long stored, so the AML took the county grid X,Y and projects it, and spits out the latitude and longitude. I'm not sure why he needs this, and I honestly don't have experience with python or scripts, but I've been tasked to find or create a tool to do this. Any help or reference materials is greatly appreciated.

Note: I have found that the edit sketch properties window will give me X/Y county grid coordinates of the vertices of a selected arc, but can't find a setting to change it to LAT/LONG coordinates.