Create Layer of Attribedutes

Discussion created by jdonnelly1982 on Feb 4, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2012 by MBuehler-esristaff
I'm a newbie stuck with a very newbie problem. I imported a shape file from Arc and was successful in keeping all attributes to the features. However the file lists all 16k and I need to organize them by an attribute (in this case which zoning district they're in) As I stated the all have kept their 'zoning' number, now I just need to organize them by each of those zones, so all the "01" of the 'zoning' attribute are kept together. I think I have to create essentially subfiles, so I should make my scene window looks like

-Scene Light
-All Parcels (16,028)

  • Zoning 1

  • Zoning 2

  • Zoning 3

  • etc

  • etc

I'm racking my brain if this is right or if the other dozen methods using scripting and rules is the proper way. How do I create these subfiles? How do I select from my dozen attributes the attribute called "zoning" and then select them into "01" and "02" etc. I'm using Pro 2010.3 if it matters. After that I would like to select "stories" (aka height) and multiple it by 10 (10 feet per story)Thanks for any help that can be provided.