help! refreshing featurelayer after feature deletion...

Discussion created by jna3856 on Feb 2, 2012
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i've created a js 2.6 web app which will be primarily accessed via an iPad device. one of the functions is to allow users the ability to delete features. this works w/o error, since the sde feature layer respects the applied updates.

the problem is that when an iPad device is used to delete a feature the feature will momentarily disappear, but on pan/zoom the graphic is replaced... however, i can watch that feature in the database, or from a desktop browser, and verify that it is in-fact removed.

so, the iOS browser engine is holding onto a cached image (furthermore, if tested in desktop safari, i get the same effect as in mobile safari) and the only way i can get my iPad device to render the point "gone" is to handle a full location.reload(true)... and that is way to cumbersome.

btw, the layers being edited are being added to map as esri.layers.FeatureLayer with mode_ondemand, which from all accounts of the api reference do not have a functional "disableClientCaching" or "refresh" property or method.

please help! i've been struggling for days on this issue and need to get this resolved asap.

you can respond to this post, or email me directly jallen@northwindgrp.com, or call me 208.403.7969.

my online reference to this app is: http://arcgisserver.northwind-inc.com/itd-mobile/index.htm. you can test in desktop browser vs mobile browser to see the effect of which i'm referring.

thanks for any help.