replaceDataSource connecting to SDE Instance

Discussion created by cgnadinger on Feb 1, 2012
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Good morning! I am trying to create a re-pathing script in python but am running into a few kinks. I am hoping that someone can offer some assistance :)

What I have right now is ...

import arcpy

mxd = arcpy.mapping.MapDocument("C:\TEMP\TEST.mxd")
for lyr in arcpy.mapping.ListLayers(mxd):
    if lyr.dataSource == "Database Connections\\SDEConnection.sde\PTD.AIRPORTS":
            lyr.replaceDataSource("Database Connections\\SDEConnection.sde\PTD.ap", "SDE_WORKSPACE", "Airports")

I've tried multiple versions in here with varying levels of success. Some don't change anything and just save a new MXD with a broken link. This one is actually changing the path but it's changing it to

Close .. but I'm trying to connect to our ArcGIS Server instance and NOT a local copy on my machine.

Ultimately I am wanting the script to run through a list of layers so it can update multiple ones within the same MXD, all who will have new feature class names, which is why I am using the if lyr.dataSource = section...

Does anyone know what I'm missing? I've been reading through the online documentation but it is very vague when it comes to replaceDataSource ..

Thank you!