Image server and nodata values

Discussion created by NeoGeo on Apr 24, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2010 by pbecker-esristaff
I have some Landsat7 imagery with no data value of 1,1,1 so if you create an image service out of it, all the black areas are in included in the service overview.  In the advanced menu, I tried edit raster properties and set the nodata value, but this had no effect.  At this point I spent two days using the ArcToolbox clip command to manually clip each frame just inside the actual image extent, so now the images come into ArcMap with no bounding black areas and you don't have to set a nodata value; however, if I make an image service out of these, it still treats them as if the outside areas are data values totally ruining the service.  If i identify the exterior portion of one of these clipped images it just says nodata.  So, what's the deal?  Why can't image server handle these correctly?

tried to generate a seamline by radiometry but it gives me this weird set of triangles that has no resemblance to what it should be.