Map Service disappears from map after query is run and then map is moved

Discussion created by garethmann on Jan 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2012 by stevel
I am working on a simple page to query a data layer and zoom to it:

Once you hit find address, the map will zoom to the location and display the queried parcel in grey. That works fine (to test it simply use the default parameters in the boxes).

However once that is done and then the user tries to pan around on the map or zoom in and out, the background map service disappears. Why is this?

On another unrelated question, why am I not seeing the standard zoom slider tool in my map? Instead I am getting some tiny "+" and "-" signs in the top-left corner that are barely visible. How do I specify to show the proper zoom slider that users will be familiar with? I have already specified "map.isZoomSlider = true".