Editor Widget, Union Tool, and Polyline features

Discussion created by jmielke on Jan 6, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by bflessner
Anyone out there have any success getting line (polyline) features to union/merge when using the Editor Widget's edit toolbar union tool?

When I select two or more line features in my application and click the union tool, nothing happens..., firebug reveals that the application doesn't even attempt an HTTP GET to my geometry service's union endpoint.  I have point, line and polygn features in my template picker.  When I attempt the same thing with polygon features, it works as expected.

The JavaScript API documentation for the GeometryService union states that input geometries "...must be of the same type." This implies that it should work with esriPolyline types. And I was able to sucessfully test the geometry service's rest endpoint directly, by passing in a Geometry Array containing two paths and having it succesfully return a merged geometry message.  So I'm confident the issue probably lies within my code or that it is a bug in the Editor Widget itself.  Currently I'm using JS version 2.4.

Interestingly, I have not found an ESRI sample that contains both the union tool and a line type feature layer.  Anyone know of one..., ESRI or other public online example?  I'd appreciate hearing others experiences unioning features in their web map applications using the Editor Widget's union tool (i.e. toolbarOptions {mergeVisible: true}) with a polyline feature layer.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and feedback, Jason