Convert KML to SHP file Index Error

Discussion created by heather338 on Dec 13, 2011
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I'm using Arc 9.3.1
I'm trying to convert some Google Earth files I made in Google Earth to a shapefile.  I have all the same type (polygons) saved in one folder.  I right click on this and choose save place as, adn give it a name and it is saved as a kml file. 

Now I am trying to use some added toolboxes to convert from KML to SHP (Convert KML to SHP, and Convert GPSFile to SHP) and both are not working for me except for my point files...  I get the following error... does anyone have any insight as to what I can do to fix this, and convert a kml file to shapefile?

Executing: kml2shp "C:\MESL Projects\MESL SOP\zz_TO DELETE\Heather's Scratch\HeatherPolygons.kml" POLYGON "C:\MESL Projects\MESL SOP\zz_TO DELETE\Heather's Scratch\HeatherPolygons_kml2shp.shp"
Start Time: Tue Dec 13 11:14:28 2011
Running script kml2shp...
Retrieving POLYGON data from KML file...
  File "<string>", line 214, in <module>

<type 'exceptions.IndexError'>: list index out of range
Completed script kml2shp...
Failed to execute (kml2shp).
End Time: Tue Dec 13 11:14:28 2011 (Elapsed Time: 0.00 seconds)

I hope to hear from you thanks!