How can I open a cacheDataset into a new layer in arcEngine

Discussion created by tim2u on Dec 1, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2011 by tim2u
I am trying to load a cacheDataset (name?) that was created using the MapCookerClass as shown in the Multithreaded MapCruncher example at the URL below.  In arcMap it is possible to connect/add this cache using the Add Data dialog.  The ArcEngine dialog does not seem to support this structure so I am trying to do it programmatically.

Do I use a rasterWorkspace to open and connect to this data?  Or, do I need to use something like the DynamicCacheLayerManager?  The latter appeared more likely, but it looks like it is assuming you already have that layer in the map. 

I am wanting to add a new layer to the map from the previously created cache for an offline scenario.

Any help/examples would be greatly appreciated.