Possible missing Templates

12-02-2011 02:56 AM
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Hello All,
     I am trying to create a context menu for all of the feature layers in the map document.  I was trying to follow the example given in the "Concepts & Samples" section of the online ArcObjects SDK 10 Microsoft .Net Framework, in the "Creating a custom menu" section.  It has the developer to select Add-in component from the Template pane...  It show four options:

  • Tool Palette

  • Toolbar

  • Menu

  • Context menu

NONE of which are shown in my environment...  I only see (after I select ArcMap Add-In):

  • Button

  • Tool

  • Combo Box

  • Multi-Item

  • Extension

  • Editor Extension

  • Dockable Window

My environment is as follows:
ArcGis Desktop 10 Service Pack 3,
Visual Studio 2010 Professional, Only VB loaded
.Net Framework 3.5 targeted
Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1

Any ideas as to how I might go about fixing the missing component issue???
Thanks in advance,
Kevin Orcutt
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OK...  Never mind!!!  I've found them...  Man, now I feel stupid.
Kevin Orcutt
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