Basic question about Calculate Geometry

Discussion created by calipsooo on Nov 29, 2011
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I am a new user of ArcGIS and have the 9.3 version. I have 2 features sets with projected coordinates. Both sets have the same projection. The first set wasn't well positioned (because of an imprecision in my first GPS measurements) so I had to move the first set toward the second one to stak some reference feature together (with Spatial Adjustment).

I created 2 new fields (new X and new Y) and used "Calculate Geometry" to get , I strongly suppose, the new X and Y coordinates of moved features. Here is my question:

If I use my first features set in a new map, will ArcGIS use the new coordinates? Or will it use the oldest? Do I have to save somewhere the new coordinates, even if they have been calculated in the new fields I created in the Attribute table?