Help with Data Driven Pages and Map Layout

Discussion created by mantmaniagis on Nov 24, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2011 by dwatkins-esristaff
As i work for a local authority , a local councillor has tasked the Unit to create maps showing 12 different electoral wards using a scale of 1:1250 , and he wants the maps very large A0 , as the authority has ARCGIS 10 ArcEditor, I know from the new features in the latest release , that this could be possible . Looking through the blogs and the forums . Is it possible to create this map to his requirements? ( these are grouped as 6 wards in one area and 5 in another) I beleive i would have to create the feature class of the wards and then create a grid . would i have to create the grid using a scale of 1:1250 over   the underlying data are the ward data  and some background raster data. Then would it be a case using data driven maps to create maps based on these grids and output them as such still keeping the scale ?
Any help would be apreciated