REST API Join Issues

Discussion created by jhouck86 on Nov 16, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2011 by ahoque-esristaff
Hi everyone,

Here's what I'm trying to do:  I have table of building inspectors from one of our Oracle databases.  This table changes frequently, based on the work the inspectors will be doing on any given day.  What I'm trying to accomplish is establishing a join to the table (doesn't have to be in Oracle, I can create a data dump) from our parcels and keep only matching records.  End result will be creating a high resolution PDF map of the city with each inspector's routes mapped, which that department can print at their convenience.

I want the matching records to change daily as the table is updated.  I've established a join to the data when it's been exported to a geodatabase table format, but it won't let me update the table without stopping the service, because it gets locked.  Any advice about how to accomplish what I'm trying, or alternate routes to the same result without creating a lot of sloppy extraneous data?

Thanks for your help!