Manually changing DDP extent, exports back to default

Discussion created by jamienichole on Nov 11, 2011
Latest reply on May 14, 2012 by jbarrette-esristaff
We have been working with standardized figures for multiple Environmental Assessment reports using DS MapBook in 9.3.1 but would like to convert our process to 10 for those of us who are on 10.  To clarify, we are using DS MapBook more as a catalog system rather than to create a traditional mapbook.  Most figures have a standard extent and the project location is centered in the figure.  Therefore, the extent option in Data Driven Pages (DDP) to "Center and maintain current extent" would work fine.  The issue is that some figures' extents need to be manually adjusted to accomodate other features (i.e. showing the closest historic site).  That means we have to move the project off center and/or change the scale for that individual figure.  Both "Center and maintain current extent" and "Data Driven Scale" export to the defaulted scale after manual adjustment so we are unable to make these adjusted figures.  The only thing I can see us doing is coming up with work arounds which is not ideal.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Thanks.