Running multiple models at the same time

Discussion created by TomGeo on Nov 9, 2011
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Dear community,

I have several tens of thousands objects to buffer and than to intersect. The result of the intersection goes into a summary statistics process and the outcome is appended to a table in a FGDB.

The first thing that bugs me is that I cannot set a workspace for each and every model, instead the workspace is a global thing! :(

The second thing is that ArcGIS10 is not capable of multi-threading! Dear ESRI Team most of us have to work with tons of data and we would like to use the possibilities of CPUs with two/four or eight cores available even in laptops.

Temporary solution for the ladder problem - Start multiple ArcGIS instances and bind each manually to specific cores! :(

With this setup I can run three different models at the same time. When I start a fourth one I produce an error in the third instance. All of the sudden the third model is incapable to create some output. It might be the output of the buffer process or the output of the intersection. This error is reproducible.

Each model run has its own input folder, his own FGDB, his own ArcGIS instance and his own CPU core - Why isn't it working?

Another problem with running the setup described above is that another error occured, saying the geometry is not M-aware. The geometry is always fine as long as I do not start multiple models at the same time! The only solution I found here in the forum was to change the environment settings in the processing extent to 'Union of inputs'.

I would really appreciate any help in this matter. Later this week I will have to run this task on a eight core machine where I need every single core to get this job done in time.

A slightly disappointed Thomas